Saturday, September 27, 2014

Emacs Cursor Movements

In this weeks segment on Emacs wizardry let’s learn some of the basic cursor movements so you can move around your Emacs buffer faster than the speed of light.
KeystrokesCommand NameAction
C-fforward-charMove forward one character(right).
C-bbackward-charMove backward one character(left).
C-pprevious-lineMove to previous line(up).
C-nnext-lineMove to next line(down)
ESC-fforward-wordMove forward one word.
ESC-bbackward-wordMove one word backward.
C-abeginning-of-lineMove to beginning of line.
C-eend-of-lineMove to end of line
ESC-eforward-sentenceMove forward one sentence.
ESC-abackward-sentenceMove backward one sentence.

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