Saturday, September 27, 2014

Emacs – Working with Regions

In this weeks segment on Emacs wizardry let’s learn some of the basic commands for working with regions of text so you can move around your Emacs region faster than Blackberry’s are forgotten about.

KeystrokesCommand NameAction
C-@ or C-SPACEset-mark-commandMark the beginning (or end) of a region.
C-x C-xexchange-point-and-markExchange location of cursor and mark.
C-w or SHIFT-DELETEkill-regionDelete the region
C-y or SHIFT-INSERTyankPaste most recently killed or copied text.
ESC-w or C-INSERTkill-ring-saveCopy the region.
Esc-hmark-paragraphMark paragraph.
C-x C-pmark-pageMark page.
C-x hmark-whole-bufferMark buffer.
ESC-yyank-popAfter C-y, pastes earlier deletion.

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