Saturday, July 4, 2015

Emacs 24.X on Kali Linux

If your an avid Emacs user as I am along with being a security geek then you may be disappointed to know that Emacs 24.X is not available in the Kali repos.

This is what you need to do if you want to use Emacs 24.X in your Kali instance:

This process assumes you are using a non-root account with sudo access.

1. Obtain the latest Emacs source package from GNU Emacs Repository.

2. Open a Terminal and extract the Emacs source package locally.

3. Type: sudo apt-get build-dep emacs23

4. Change to the directory where you extracted your Emacs source code.

5. Type: ./configure; make; sudo make install

Let it run and you will then have Emacs 24 installed on your system. It will show up in your Main Menu under Programming > Emacs.

Ping me on the #Kali IRC Freenode channel if you into any issues.


  1. Justin, 2 questions -

    You typed "build-dep emacs23" - is that a typo, or do you get the dependencies for the older Emacs to build the current one?

    Did you get the "eww" browser working? I (we) have a friend that could not get it going from his build from source, and I wondered if you had any luck?

    - John D. Bell

    1. John - That is the correct syntax. In the Kali Linux repo's emacs24 is not available, so you have to use the emacs23 package for getting the dependencies, but Emacs 24 source builds fine with them.

      I never use eww for browsing, so I couldn't say.